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Drones, RPAS. UAVs.

Different words that describe a powerful branch of technology changing how we see, study, and interact with the world. Our dedicated team of certified aviation instructors and drone specialists are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and safety - developing your team’s knowledge and skills as they progress from first time flyers to specialized drone operators in any field.

Get the Enterprise Membership

Expand your capabilities with an Enterprise Membership. For many industries, on-boarding an internal drone program will be essential to keep pace with modern technical capabilities in their respective fields. Drones have been proven to exponentially increase workflow efficiency, quality, and safety for industries requiring up-to-date site data and analysis. Bypass the steep start-up costs of an enterprise drone program with our membership program.

  • Bespoke RPAS training and certification (on-site, webinar, and online training platforms available)

  • Practical case studies directly integrated into your workflow

  • Consulting, procurement, and setup of drones and accessories

  • Quarterly drone maintenance program

  • On-call support.

  • Unlimited access to RPAS exam prep course for all members of staff

  • Unlimited access to flight training

  • Unlimited fulfillment of RPAS recency requirements

  • Exclusive deals on enterprise drone and equipment rentals

  • Access to industry-specific drone consultants

  • On-call troubleshooting and drone maintenance