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To help you succeed as a drone pilot in Canada.

Transport Canada Regulations

In Canada, the official term for drone is RPAS, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. Currently, there are two classes of RPAS pilot certificates offered by Transport Canada – BASIC and ADVANCED.

Emergency Procedures for RPAS Operations

Would you know what to do if you encounter an emergency while operating a drone? You can face up to $3000 for putting aircraft and people at risk. We’ve made a comprehensive checklist for you to handle emergencies.

Standardized Checklist for RPAS Operations

Whether you are a hobbyist or looking to go pro, a solid understanding of the operating procedures is key. While each drone is made slightly differently, we have a generic procedure you can follow to safely operate them.

RPAS Operations Briefing Guidelines

Commercial pilots brief their flight before they take-off, and you should too. We’ve consolidated the key points so you are up to speed with briefing procedures.

Security Plan for RPAS Operations

Transport Canada requires all basic and advanced drone pilots to exercise extreme caution while operating an RPAS or face penalties up to $3000. We have made a clear and concise plan that you can follow