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Canadian Drone Pilots must create a site survey before takeoff. That’s the law.

With  RPAS WILCO, your site survey and flight planning is done in seconds!

RPAS Wilco Survey App

ensure safe operations

Wilco will help you comply with regulations, avoiding fines, and that means safer skies for us all.

Save you money

Total annual cost of CFS, CWAS, VNC, VTA is over $1700! Why buy them when our App include all of them, for FREE!

save you time

With a few simple clicks, you can complete a site survey in just seconds.

Situational Awareness

Our App brings you automated site surveys, keep an eye on the weather and tracks the status of all your drones.

Trusted by Drone Pilots across Canada

"FlytPath Drone Co. uses RPAS Wilco for all our site surveys. Flying missions in the public safety sector requires immediate response, and we don't have time to conduct manual surveys where seconds count. This product has been a game changer and will shape the future for drone pilots"
Ian Turner