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Why become certified

You need a drone pilot licence to fly drones that weigh 250 grams (g) up to and including 25 kilograms (kg).

An RPAS Centre instructor trains a firefighter from the Whitchurch-Stouville Fire Dept.
RPAS Centre drone equipment
RPAS Centre will train you to use a variety of drone attachments.

Who can get certified

You need to be 14 years old to get a basic license and 16 years old to get an advanced license. Children younger than 14 must be supervised by someone with a license. This includes clubs, camps and other youth groups.

Become certified in Canada.

Training with RPAS Centre is the fastest and the most trusted way to become a certified RPAS pilot in Canada.

We have trained over hundreds of RPAS pilots in Canada for government agencies, corporations and schools.

Our stellar track record speak for itself.

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Become a certified drone pilot in less than a week.

step 1

Understand the legal requirements and knowledge requirements, and the difference between basic operations and advanced operations

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step 2

For both basic operations and advanced operations, you need to first pass the online exam published by Transport Canada.

rpas exam prep

RPAS Centre is a preparatory school recognized by Transport Canada.

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step 3

Choose the right drone, receive professional training, and know your responsibilities and possible penalties before you fly.

rpas flight training

RPAS Centre has Canada’s leading drone operator curriculum. Our training help save lives. Schedule your flight training today.

step 4

For advanced operations, you will also need to complete a flight review. It is recommended that you receive professional training before attempting the flight review.

rpas flight review

RPAS Centre also have a team of expert flight reviewers who can conduct flight reviews on behalf of Transport Canada. Schedule your flight review today.